Welcome … I’ve worked as a staff illustrator/designer at newspapers in California, Maine, and Pennsylvania back in the day, was an art director in another day, and partnered with my infinitely better half. My first editorial job came earlier than most in second grade; the gripping tale, The Autobiography of a Bean unfairly overlooked work). The Kellogg's Stick Up for Breakfast Contest was a cake walk after that. I'm hunkered down in Richmond, VA with my smashing handler, dogs and an increasing number of cats (no fault of my own) say hello.
Sunrise Ocean Bender records
I also play records on the radio, and make really damn good ones. Sunrise Ocean Bender Records specializes in limited edition vinyl and CDs. From psych rock to psych pop, prog to space rock, electronic to the kosmische, psych folk  … and detours. Really swell releases from Prana Crafter, Steve Palmer, Lamagaia, The Final Age, E GONE, Dead Sea Apes, The Movements, Evening Fires, JuJu, Tengger, Sons of the Void, Chef Menteur …
SOB is also a broadcast, setting sail the 2nd and 4th Thursdays 9-11pm EST, on WRIR 97.3 to find something for your ears, and something for your head. You can hear the show live and for 2 weeks after the original air date via WRIR, or enjoy the show seemingly for eternity at SOB HQ.