I See the Edges of the Plan
Things Only Bend Until They Break
How Many Times Have I
I've Never Been So High
Sucking Out the Energy
Cyberwar Zone
(I Get High From The Same Old Something)
Leave Your Body Behind
To Ail Me When I’m Mostly At Ease
Exhibiting Expansions
A Dream of Ease/This Is Survival
Procession (Untitled)
Reassure Yourself That It’s Alright
That’s Why We Do Our Own Thing
I Am So Small That I Do Not Exist
Undulating Waters 7
(Hidden) Loaded
Steve Palmer, “Useful Histories”
When They Bring the Oxygen
The Violent Years
And My Head Began To Fill (non-transparent handshake)
Hökarängens Antikvariat bookstore
Everything is Light
Can You Tell Me How to See? Can You …?
You Think You're Right
Under Your Skin
The Complicated Issue of Nazi-looted Art
Prana Crafter's “Enter the Stream” LP
Postponed, Postponed
Light Under Water
…this is white light…it will annihilate you. Entirely…
E GONE, “All the Suns of the Earth” LP
I Don’t Have a Plan (The Body Gets Weak)
Aquarian Drifter CD
A Vague Assembly
No Old Dream
All These Riddles
It Obstructs My View (Early Warning System)
UVA's U-Hall
Never Shall I Lower My Eyes, Before This Road …
… And Your Father, Hasn't Been Born Yet
The Pin Field
Field Line Cartographer, “Formic Kingdom” cassette
Living Green
Evening Fires’ LP
The Stars Seem So Much Bigger (Drifting Wreck)
If You Feel It
Window of Opportunity
Maybe Then I
I’m Out To Sweat Blood For You
RVA Home Providers
Uphill March
And You Need To Make Decisions
WonderLab Group
My Imperfections Have Reduced You To A Lowly Animal
When All the Geometry Tumbles All ‘Round Me
Evening Fires, “Incredible Adventures” CD
Keep Pushing To The Surface
Devotional Syndrome
You’re Alright By Me
Man of Mystery
Some Of Us Will Flourish Here
Of Inaccessibility
Richmond Magazine Sourcebook
E GONE, “Advice to Hill Walkers” CD
School of Engineering & Medicine at UVA
Everything I Need To Know
Waiting ‘Round For The Sunshine
Sons of the Void LP
Between Two
Booz Allen Hamilton's IdeasFest 2018
Enrichment Zero
The Founder's Secular Vision
Richmond Magazine’s “Going Analog”
Advice to Hill Walkers insert/poster
Richmond Magazine’s “Champs & Chumps”
Selecting A Retirement Plan Advisor
Richmond Magazine’s “Wilder Narcissism”
“Contemporary Collecting” book jacket
Richmond Magazine’s “Spielberg's Lincoln”
Eat Lights Become Lights, “Modular Living” LP
WRIR Monster Mashquerade
The Mind of an Entrepreneur
Richmond Magazine's “Greentech”
WRIR lp 97.3 Fund Drive
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