Sons of the Void

“…Sons Of The Void is somewhat of an oddity in 2016, being a proper psychedelic record in an age where a great deal of Psych Rock is effectively 70s heavy rock dressed up in groovy threads… a twisted trip through eight acid drenched tracks that at their core all have a rock solid pop sensibility, it’s as if pop history has been rewritten and the Byrds made lo-fi records with Timothy Leary.”—Thee Psychedelicatessen | Sons of the Void is the latest project from David Max, former bassist/songwriter with Hoboken/NYC psych rockers Tadpoles and vet of a 5-year stint as guitarist/songwriter in Genesis P-Orridge’s psych-futurist collective Psychic TV. | Sons of the Void is out on Sunrise Ocean Bender Records.

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