Advice to Hill Walkers

“Advice to Hill Walkers”, the second full-length album by Swedish musical explorer E GONE, appeared just briefly on cassette in 2015 via the Zeon Lights label, garnering high praise from the small circle of tuned-in antennae that caught the transmission; one reviewer called it “the best E GONE release to date … a mix of traditional instruments with digital technology creating a rich blend of bubbling electronica and Eastern flavours.” Musically, it’s a stunner: An all-instrumental travelogue of an upward trek through a rugged landscape (as literal or metaphorical as you’d like), twelve station points mapped out across endlessly varied ethno-electro-psychedelic terrain. For this new CD edition, Sunrise Ocean Bender and Deep Water have combined resources to give the album the deluxe upgrade it deserves in both sound and packaging, with expanded (two additional tracks) and reworked (remixed and remastered) audio, all housed in a gorgeous Stumptown-printed cover with a foldout poster insert.

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